About Us

We are a husband and wife team, we have always enjoyed the outdoors and going to new places and discovering new things. We both went camping with our families when we were younger and enjoyed the time we spent outdoors and spending time with our family. Thinking back to those days now, they are priceless!

Our drive behind our adventures is to show people that going to the “main” tourist places isn’t the only way to enjoy this great country of ours. We have been looking at smaller out of the way places, that are interesting and fun. We also want to show that you can take short “adventures” at a low cost and have a great time.

Years ago, we started out camping with a tent and sleeping bags, fun times and younger bodies lol after a while we purchased a used slide in pick up camper so we could pull our horse trailer and would go to places that allowed horses. We would camp and ride trails, lots of fun. As the years went by and our children came into our lives, we didn’t camp as often. Life seemed to get too busy. We eventually got a pull behind camper and would use that when we went camping.

We have started our current adventures, now that our children are grown and are starting their lives, by picking an area that looks interesting and heading toward it and stopping at any place that looks interesting along the way. We have been staying in hotels, but our plan is to finish up our truck into an off road explorer and build camping unit in the bed. Hopefully we will have it complete this spring.

Looking back on our lives, the simple way of enjoying life and going places seem to be the most enjoyable. We want to show that you don’t have to have all the big fancy campers or an itinerary to have fun!

Our wish is to be able to pass on to other people the joys of just traveling, low cost vacation, checking out small out of the way places that can show you how diverse these United States of America is.

We are looking forward to new adventures and hope you enjoy our stories and pictures of the places we visit!