The start of our Travels and reports

This is the start of Cheryl and I web site. We will be doing reviews, stories, videos, and pictures of the places that we visit. We have started to visit small towns and other out of the way attractions that most people fly past on their way to some other tourist spot. Some people would call this kind of travel byways and backways even the good old sunday drive.

I hope that we can show what this country has to offer and maybe get a few others to spend time in some of the really cool local attractions and now rush off to where the rest of the world goes on their vacations.

If you do come up on the back of Cheryl and I truck… hey you might not want to follow as we might be lost driving around to find the next cool spot. That is why we will post on here how to get there and what is cool about it so maybe you will not get lost on your travels.



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Author: Michael Deig

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