Mantel Rock Nature Preserve

So…. we headed out of Mount Vernon around 11 this morning for one of our adventures. Took us about 2 hours to get to Mantel Rock Nature Preserve. We crossed the river on the ferry at Cave in Rock. Had to wait there a little while for our turn to cross, there was lot of traffic going through there.wpid-20160515_122316.jpg

Once we got there and started walking the trail, it was great! Lots of things to see!


We made it to the natural bridge and hung out there a while, taking in the site.

Michael thought I was nuts for taking pictures of the moss lol he says… it’s just some moss… I told him it was weird moss lol least I hadn’t seen moss like that before.

Then, we decided to walk around on the “original” Trail of Tears back to the truck…. 3 hours later…. we arrive back to the truck, tired and now have a much better understanding of how the Indians must have felt as they were forced to walk from there home.


On the last part of the trail Michael and I started finding ticks all over us. I guess we walked in to a nest of them. There was big ones and small ones. Michael counted around 15 on him and I had over 30 on me. Something that you will want to keep in mind if you walk the old Trail of Tears road and the new loop around. If you stay on the main trail that every one walks on to the Mantel Rock you should be fine.




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Author: Michael Deig

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