Summer 2014 Rodeo Trip

One of our summer adventures had us leaving home early on a saturday morning, headed to Licking, MO to watch a PRCA Rodeo that evening.

We had decided to take this trip to allow Amanda to get in some photography practice. After the Rodeo, we checked into a local hotel for the night.

Sunday morning we headed for home, but made a few stops along the way. The first stop on this adventure was an old fort site in Pilot Knob, MO.

The Battle of Pilot Knob is a civil war historical site where they have re-enactments of the battle that took place on September 26-27, 1864. We went through the building looking at the relics and learning the history of this battle then went out and walked the grounds where the battle took place.

Now, loaded back up in the truck, we head out to our next stop in Farmington, MO at on old lead mine.

MissouriTrip2014_IMG_7936_notforcopy MissouriTrip2014_IMG_7860_notforcopy

Now just a shell of what used to be a thriving mine. We toured through the museum there looking at some of the machines and tools used to mine the lead. We then went outside and looked at some of the buildings that are still standing. While we were out looking, we came across another photographer and his companion. We were discussing our Daughter’s interest in photography and they suggested we go check out Ste Genevieve, an old French town

Back in the truck and on our way again, headed for Ste Genevieve, MO.

Ste Genevieve, sits on the west bank of the Mississippi and was settled in the early 1700’s and is named the oldest town in Missouri. This town is a site to see! Beautiful old buildings, a museum, historical sites and shops. Sadly, we arrived late on a Sunday afternoon and were not able to visit these sites and we missed crossing the Mississippi on a Ferry by only minutes!

MissouriTrip2014_IMG_7940_notforcopy MissouriTrip2014_IMG_7939_notforcopy

I forsee another Adventure!!

photo’s provided by: MJ Art and Photography

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