Trip to Reelfoot Lake

Our Spring Road trip 2014 Reel Foot lake in Tiptonville, TN


This trip would be one that Michael was wanting to take to find places that he went to many years ago with his Grandfather and Grandmother. They would make the drive down to Boardmans which had cabins that fishermen and hunters would rent. Boardmans was right next to Reelfoot Lake state park camp grounds which the family would stay in. Reelfoot Lake was formed by one of the largest earthquakes in North American History. You can read about and get information about Reelfoot Lake here


We start out on a cool and sunny morning, to make the drive ourselves. This time, driving on 4 line highways that have replaced most of the 2 lines that they used to travel on. Michael has been doing research online and found that Boardmans had changed owners and is now called Blue Bank Resort. They have made many changes to the place in the years from when Michael had last been there. But the board walk with the protected boat area was still the same. And so where all the ducks and geese. Since it was late when we got there we did not have much time before it was dark but everyone got to go out on the double cabin deck that we had rented for the weekend and enjoy the view lighted by a full moon.


One must remember when going to all the resorts at reelfoot lake that they are a resort for fishermen and hunters. There are no fast food places where close by and most of the restaurants are on the one end of the lake. To really enjoy the lake area I would take a cooler with you and pack your lunch. It takes a long time to drive all the way around the 15,000 acre lake.


While we was settling in for our first night we found out that we missed the eagle watching tours by one weekend. We learned that there are over 200 eagles that nest there from January to mid March. After we had our breakfast at the resort we headed over to the state park office and even though we was to late for the tours they did give use maps and point out places that they have been spotting them this year.

Check out Eagle Watch Tours…

We spent most of that Saturday driving around the lake, visiting the spots marked on the map, hoping to see some eagles. We enjoyed the beauty of the lake but did not see many eagles. We were about to go search for a place to eat dinner, when movement caught our eye. We looked over to the tree line and a huge bird took off into the sky, then two more took flight after that one. We watched in awe trying to decide what they were and finally decided they were Golden Eagles.


After the birds got out of sight, we decided to go on and find a place to eat. ending up eating supper at The Boathouse Restaurant.

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